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Is there a way to have a background video pulling from a colection?

Hey, I’m trying to make this video portfolio for a friend and i wanted to have each collection entry to have a page with there it could have a description and the set video on display.

I wanted to make it where whenever you click on a project you land on a page where the hero section is a background video of the project in question.

here a website where i got the inspiration from

Hi @Pedro_Julio_Santana, I don’t know if you find it useful, but I created an example vimeo background video site, pulling videos in from vimeo, but you can use same kind of design to pull videos from YouTube or even upload bg videos to Webflow, copy the published web video urls and create a custom video embed using video urls saved in collections:

This example is geared toward vimeo:

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thanks for the fast reply.

And let me apologise for my ignorance… how are you pulling the the video ID from the CMS???

i was able to figure it out, THANKS!!! it would have taken me ages without your help

i see that the video doesnt take the 100% of the background, how would you go about doing that

How exactly I can use video from a collection (without Vimeo or Youtube)?

I tried to copy URL of already uploaded video (, but URL field of Video element refuses it: “Invalid embed type link”

Tried to put Background video element but I see no option for using collection field as a URL.

An finally it will not solve mp4 and webm versions.