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Webflow Ecommerce Subcategories?


I have hit a massive roadblock. I have no idea how to make subcategories of existing categories within Webflow.

For example, let’s say I have a page with a column on the left that has all of my “Jewelry Categories.” It’s a CMS list with all of my categories: gold rings, silver rings, gold necklaces, silver necklaces, etc.

However, if I click on a CMS page for “gold rings” I can’t seem to narrow down any further… I can always see all of the gold rings, but if I wanted to sort by the gold rings that are size 7, I can’t do it.

I know I can go into the Ecommerce CMS and create variants. But that will not help me because each product my client has is 100% unique. As in, if she has 40 gold diamond rings that are size 7, there is only one copy of each ring. So I really need users to be able to filter the category they have selected based on some tag system. Does something like this exist in Webflow?

Edit: Right now, this is the only solution I have found, and it requires using a javascript library hosted outside of Webflow.

  • Peter