Webflow Ecommerce Phone Functionality For Owners

Hello, I’m knew here to webflow as I’m coming from Wordpress Elementor. Just getting familiar with this webflow as I believe I would love this but one thing is holding me back. I have several clients that I built websites for but they LOVE the feature of using an app on your phone to stay up to date with products, orders, notifications and fulfilling the orders etc. Does anyone know if there will ever be an app for Webflow that includes the features of ecommerce etc? Or is there already somehow this feature? What do other ecommerce users do? :smiley:

Also Another thing I’ve noticed. I cannot find a customer account login stuff? and also any COUPONS? Please Let me know if I’m blind at seeing this. I’m knew to this platform. Or is this simply not a feature.

Until these options are here in webflow I will most likely not switch over completely. But I’m so looking forward to it!
Would love to know thoughts :slight_smile: Thanks for your help

Hi Austin, No mobile ecommerce app at present and customer accounts is on it’s way. There are discount codes. https://university.webflow.com/lesson/adding-ecommerce-discount-codes

There is potential to a build stand alone app for customer, order, marketing with the api and a low code database app platform. Haven’t gone there myself. I am still building my stores in Woo begrudgingly because I have needed some quirky functionality lately.

Interesting! Thanks for your reply and your perspective :slight_smile:

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How am I able to figure out when this feature would be available? As I would switch most of my clients to webflow if this were the case? Where you guys have an app to control? Accounts for e-commerce?