Webflow + woocomerce

Hello, dear webflow’ers!!

Feeling happy to use such a great tool and I want to continue my adventures with it :slight_smile:
So yesterday I had a call form my old client and he asked if it is possible to make a ecommerce website.
I need features that wordpress + woocomerce has ( login page, custom transactions, etc. )
Don’t realy want to switch to old wordpress…
I saw udesly can add woocomerce to webflow, have anyone tired it? Is it possible later to export code?
Waiting for some professional help here.
P.s. Ecommece website would be for flowers retailer ( sound like fun one :smiley: )

Hi @Polarmesh , did you figure this out? I’m in a similar position and I’d like to know if Webflow on its own or with a reliable third party integration, such as foxy, shopify, etc, can handle an online store reliably and same or better than Woocommerce.

Thank you!