Webflow Ecommerce is now in beta — for everyone

After months of research, development, and testing, the day has finally come: Webflow Ecommerce is now in open beta — for everyone.

This means you can build live, production stores in Webflow and start getting paid today.

For more on what today’s release includes and details on what’s coming next, check out the beta announcement on our blog.

P.S. Special thanks to all our testers, user interviewees, and bug reporters!


It’s great to see Webflow E-Commerce finally rolling out. For it to be a viable E-Commerce platform ‘variations’ and additional payment gateways coming rapidly will be crucial.

Whilst Webflow has leading design customisation I don’t see why this update is being compared to Shopify. Webflow E-Commerce is by no means as feature rich as Shopify, nor can it provide as many sales channels. For this reason I’m somewhat disappointed with the new ‘E-Commerce’ pricing structures which pushes it out of the grasp of many new E-Commerce businesses and also as an add-on for existing clients on Webflow.