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Webflow Ecommerce is Live


Perfect - But for me for now its hard to manage categories and sub-categories (Add / Manage / Filter) - Example: Mens > Shoes > Sneakers- No way for now to create stores for a lot of Niches like fashion or jewelry brands because it’s missing.

Now the solution is to add this problem to “webflow wish-list” but Sometimes it takes a year or two to implement idea from the wishlist.

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Like shopify for example?

When choosing a platform for a client, you need to evaluate your choices based on features you need at today. No one product will meet the needs of all use cases. I match products to business requirements, then build.

I will say that that webflow listens to its community, and that was evident on today’s live steam on Youtube. Lots of stuff on the roadmap. Lots of stuff just made available with the launch. Pretty quick roll out from beta to production. That is impressive.

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