Webflow ecommerce has FRUSTRATING holes

It’s so frustrating to have been building an ecommerce solution for a client for weeks, only to discover ‘quirks’ with webflow ecommerce that make it useless. So I need to vent!

  1. When exporting Sales Reports from the Orders screen, sales taxes are reported as a single total. At least here in Canada, that doesn’t work because different sales taxes have to be remitted to different authorities. That’s probably the case in some other places as well.

  2. Canadian taxes are NOT calculated correctly. Others have commented on this, as I only discovered today.

  3. When connecting to something like Airtable via Zapier, there is no individual field for product name. So you have no way to sort or reference your orders by product.

These might seem like small issues. But in real terms they make webflow ecommerce completely useless to any of my clients. :frowning:


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