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Webflow E-Commerce Multiple Shipping Rates

Hey guys!

I have an E-Commerce store that uses weight-based shipping rates for all of our products.

We’d like to keep this weight-based shipping rate, but would also like to implement a price-based shipping rate that overrides the previous shipping rate if a user’s order amount is over $150

We’d prefer if user’s didn’t have to manually select the different shipping rates (I have a feeling that many of them will select the wrong rates and will reach out to our customer support to change this later.)

Is override mechanism process possible?

Here is my site Read-Only:

As anyone else encountered a problem like this before?

I’m more than open to guidance on reconfiguring our other Shipping Rates if that would make the automatic shipping method selection feasible.

I don’t believe this is possible although other platforms (like Shopify) are limited in this functionality as well. Sometimes Free Shipping options use slower shipping speeds so I can see why it would allow the user to choose, but it would be nice for the option to have all other options removed when Free Shipping is available.

That said, is it possible for you to reorder the choices so the Free Shipping option is listed first when it’s available? You may be able to dynamically remove the other options based on the Free Shipping criteria, although (if possible) this would take some custom code.

Just ran into the same issue
I have one Product which I want to Ship for free.
Currently, I have a price-based shipping implemented.
–> Free shipping from 22€
now I have a christmas product fpr 20€ which should include shipping. Any Ideas?