Free Shipping rate not automatic?

Hi there,

I’ve set a shipping rate for all items purchased over €50 to be Free Shipping.
Anything else below this is regular courier rate. At checkout the two rates present, however if I place over €50 in my cart, Webflow eCommerce doesn’t automatically pick the free shipping rate?
Is this behaving correctly? I would have assumed that Free Shipping would be set automatically by the cart?

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Still no response to this ecommerce query?

Guys, just some friendly feedback; Perhaps due to Webflow’s growing popularity, but the forum is becoming somewhat useless of late… almost every single query I put up here, disappears into the abyss without any assistance from any experts/admins.

I am currently dealing with the same problem. How can I set a discount on delivery costs from a certain order value in the shop? Hope that the Webflow team will get an answer soon

Just setting up a shopping page and have come to the same problem… anyone found a way?

Found a work around.

Make sure the ‘Free Shipping’ option is first, I had to delete the original shipping and redo it, then when it’s not available it’s not an option, and when it is, it will be selected.

(although annoying that the other price is still there and can be selected by the customer, so if anyone know’s how to make it disappear when free shipping is selected, please let us know!)