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Free Shipping rate not automatic?

Hi there,

I’ve set a shipping rate for all items purchased over €50 to be Free Shipping.
Anything else below this is regular courier rate. At checkout the two rates present, however if I place over €50 in my cart, Webflow eCommerce doesn’t automatically pick the free shipping rate?
Is this behaving correctly? I would have assumed that Free Shipping would be set automatically by the cart?

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Still no response to this ecommerce query?

Guys, just some friendly feedback; Perhaps due to Webflow’s growing popularity, but the forum is becoming somewhat useless of late… almost every single query I put up here, disappears into the abyss without any assistance from any experts/admins.

I am currently dealing with the same problem. How can I set a discount on delivery costs from a certain order value in the shop? Hope that the Webflow team will get an answer soon