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Product Based Shipping - Assign a Rate to a Product

Is it possible to assign a shipping rate to a product, just like a tax class?

For my client’s store

  • small items are shipped at e.g. €5 and many items can be shipped in the same order for €5
  • large items are shipped €10 per item, so two large items = €20 shipping, and so…

How can Webflow e-comm support this scenario?

If I configure two shipping methods as above, the user has the option to choose as below, and we definitely don’t want that.

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I have a similar question. The lack of integrationwith shipping providers (shipstation, shippo, etc.) makes this super important.

Same questions for me as well.

Can’t get a reply or help anywhere!

Hello @WebflowCommunityTeam??? HEEELLLLPPPP :slight_smile:

Me too I have all kinds of product that I need different shipping rates for.

Heard back from Webflow on this one.
It is NOT an option right now, but suggested that we add it to their wishlist.
" Great question. At the moment it is not possible to calculate shipping rates based on products. The shipping rates are for the order total. This could be an awesome feature to have in Webflow, and it’s definitely something you could add your voice and votes too in our Wishlist."

Here’s hoping they can refine the shipping for us soon!

Another major hassle for an otherwise great system…
How/why would a letter sized object have the same shipping cost as a 20+ Kg item…?

And since the ecommerce section are only modified CMS databases, it should be pretty easy to assign different shipping methods for different products, and have the option to automatically have the most expensive shipping method selected.

Referring to printful integration… And printful official guidelines for implementing their shipping calculation ‘manually into webflow’. Aka total order shipping = most expensive item shipping and discounted +1 price for all other items.

maybe some custom JS can fix this?

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