Google Analytics possible integration issue with Webflow E-commerce

Google Analytics is not registering products purchased when using webflow e-commerce. It is returning the products purchased as (not set). What can I do to fix this? Please see the attached screenshot.


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Hello, @grrronline!

Thanks so much for reaching out about this issue with Google Analytics. I can’t see your Analytics settings, but things look like they’re set up correctly on the Webflow end.

Can you confirm that you aren’t deploying Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager? If Analytics exists more than once the data will sometimes be inaccurate.

I’ll be looking forward to your response so we can help you solve this issue!

Thanks for responding! Yes, I am using Google Tag Manager, along with webflow’s Google Integration. I’ll temporarily remove the deployment of Google Tag Manager and see if that fixes the issue. I was using Google Tag Manager to track custom events.

Since the implementation of Webflow E-Commerce, how has that changed, updated webflow’s Google Analytics integration?

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Thanks so much for that information! I don’t know all the details there, but I can do some digging and find out for you!

I do know that if users are using our integration for Analytics, and then have the code added doing tracking as well it can cause issues. Excited to know whether or not this solves the problem!


Hi, it did not solve the problem! I am not sure as to why product names are NOT tracking in e-commerce events. It is still reporting (not set). The entire flow is handled by webflow including e-commerce and google analytics integration with no Google Tag Manager. I am not sure if I need to pass additional data so Google can record the product name. Any clue what I can do?


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Hi, E.J.!

Thanks so much for letting me know. I can’t imagine any other reason this may be happening. I’m going to pull in some more team members to take a look and see if we can pinpoint what’s happening.

I’ll respond here as soon as I know more! :webflow_heart:

@grrronline - Also, do you know what product was purchased that’s showing there? It wouldn’t be one of your products that has been archived would it?

There are a number of different products that were purchased. It is not just one product? Furthermore, archived products do not show up in the available products to purchase. They are automatically filtered out by webflow.

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Hi! That’s correct! If an item has been archived you can’t see it on the live site! :smiley:

I was just wondering if the products might have been purchased, and then later archived.

Just a thought that maybe that’s the cause of the blank. The team is still looking into this! We’ll let you know when we learn more!

We are still having a number of issues with the Google Analytics integration with webflow e-commerce. The E-Commerce transactions are not being recorded with Google Analytics.

Is it possible to have a webflow expert call or reach out to me directly? This is a major issue as we are tracking user flows, user behaviors and ultimately do they lead to conversions.

Please help!

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Hi, @grrronline!

Thanks so much for reaching out, and I’m so sorry for the frustration that this issue is causing.

I can see that the team is still investigating the issues with Google Analytics.

I don’t have a timeline on when they will have a fix rolled out, but as soon as we know more someone will post here to update you on the issue.

Once again, apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing.

Hi @rileyrichter @grrronline also having the same issues, any updates on a fix. It’s returning not set for product and also only tracking about half of our sales.

I’ve been having the same issue for months and haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. Would love an update on how this issue is progressing.

Hi all! We’ve put out an update so that product names should be set in Google Analytics.

Thank you for your patience. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out if you’re still experiencing issues.

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