Webflow Down..?

I’m new to Webflow. Just created an account to try it out and see if I want to switch to it to start designing websites. And literally first time using and it seems to keep on hanging at the screen when I click to go to Designer and the Webflow logo appears with the blue line underneath. Just sits there and hangs for minutes and I’m guessing it’d be hours if I had the patience to wait that long. Is this normal…? I’ve barely done anything besides drag a Navbar into the screen and import a few photos, so I know it’s nothing I’ve done… Anybody…? Is this common…? If so, guess I’ll still with Wordpress - nightmare that it is too.

@Tyson_S - There were outages yesterday which are indicated on the service status website - > https://status.webflow.com/ so that explains the kinds of issues you experienced.