Webflow Designer Major Wishlist

Text Shadow
Superscript, Subscript
Text Line-through/Strikethrough
Interaction with IDs
Interaction with media queries
Accordion widget
Modal widget
Designer should recognise ID naming of elements instead
of classes alone. Presently the ID is only useful for scrolling.
Date/calendar Form widget

-I concur Super/Sub script could save some time. I currently just throw a span on the needed text.
-You may already know of this, but in the meantime you can use drop-down widgets stacked to work the same as an accordion.

Are you referring to text shadow options different than these:


Text strikethrough options different than this:


Hmmm. didn’t see the strikethru oh! my eyes. Well for sub and super that is a workaround I have used several times too. But it will be better efficiency if it comes out of the box. Then the text shadow, men! my eyes. Thanks a lot for pointing me to this.

Haha I have those days too — where it seems I can stare at something 20x in a row and still miss it :joy:
You’re welcome mate. Have a great day!