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Webflow Designer Lagging

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I can relate wholeheartedly to your workflow overload on windows except I have 16GB RAM…
my chrome has at least 40+ active tabs (and I use all of them :laughing: )
PS and Ai are always running with multiple files open.

but the best resolve here is to do a browser refresh… CTRL+F5

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Haha no problems from me, just trying to make sure folks with lower end machines aren’t expecting Webflow to run lightning fast no matter what just because it’s in browser and not a dedicated desktop app. I will keep the refresh tactic in mind though if I ever experience issues :+1:

Also, kudos to you for not skimping on the RAM - most people don’t realize how necessary it is for running lots of applications simultaneously. My desktop machine (which is currently out of commission) is stocked up with 16GB of RAM as well and I have never ran into issues with app slowdown.

I’m running Webflow off a 16gb ram Macbook pro, and I hardly ever have any issues, but when I do, I just start closing programs and/or tabs on Chrome. Webflow just has some off days in which there are more problems than usual.

Best to be patient when it is acting up or switch browsers for awhile. The Webflow team is pretty good at fixing any issues that arise in mass.

I use the following

  • 16GB MacBook Pro,
  • 32GB Windows Desktop,
  • 16GB Surface Pro,
  • 2GB ChromeBox,
  • 4GB Chromebook

Yes… 2 and 4 GB… and Webflow runs great on them !

same here until recently. I started using OneTab

You can find it in the Google Chrome Store.

One Click and every tab in that window is consolidated into a new window
and it closes the affected tabs also.



I have been having the same problem and have reached (2) conclusions:

  1. close out and reboot

  2. If that doesn’t work then I would assume you are experiencing the lags on the weekend. This is 100% conjecture with zero inside info, but I assume that the Webflow Team saves adjustments/improvements that might slow down the editor for the weekend when there are fewer users. It just seems like 90% of the times I experience lag is Saturday morning through Sunday evening and everything is back up to speed Monday morning . Just my $0.02

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I have 8gb of ram, and even using only the chrome it still lag

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The designer is way too lag now, and I couldn’t even create a new page. So difficult to drag something out on to the right location

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the past week or so that Webflow has started to lag or become non-responsive or just moved really slooow.

Today I have the same problems. it is impossible to work. Though earlier all was OK.

Do you make any changes to the editor? Why is nothing saved and everything is terribly slow?

I have been experiencing the same issues since the start of the weekend.

Webflow Designer is severely lagging for me - but any other website or gaming online is fine.

I’m not even using the beta Designer. I wonder if it has something to do with the ‘removing old code’ that Webflow is (or might be) doing, as stated in this thread:

I think the problem might be the collection. I tried some new project without large collection that wont lag that much

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I only have like 68 items in my collection, and 9 in the other.

That doesn’t seem ‘large’ to me.

Not sure if you’ve managed to fix your issue, but just answering in case I could help anyone else.

In my case, the more I used webflow and increased the size of my website, the editor got slower; even on incognito mode. I too was perplexed for almost a whole week, trying to boost my RAM; but to no avail. Then finally, I sought ways to boost my CPU speed. Then I realised that I’d been using a “power mode” that severely limited my CPU speed. I used this tutorial: . It fixed all my problems for me. Back to normal now.

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This is interesting. I’ve given it a shot and hopefully I will see overall performance improvements.

Good looking out.


I started a new project and when I added big (very large) images it started to give lag and it did not stop anymore, now the project is huge, with lots of animation and heavy images … impossible to move …

do a Browser Refresh

Hi @lucaspchara

While it’s possible to upload image files up to 4mb in size, we typically recommend keeping images below 300kb. There are many resources out there which you can use to resize your images other than image optimizing/editing tools like Photoshop or Lightroom.

Here are a few free image optimizing tools:

Resizing these images will greatly improve overall Designer performance.

Hi @andreswaby and @Brando, thanks for the tips, but I already use all of them. All my projects are slow after using them for about 10 to 15 minutes …

The image issue is to warn the webflow staff, who knows they do not find an error related to this. I have other projects that have few images but many classes … more lag yet …

For me, having to press f5 every 15 minutes means that the program is not well structured. Formerly there was no lag, what happened? do not know. The program has grown a lot… who knows … They are doing some crazy update? … I do not know …

In the end … it seems that only I am suffering with so much lag, this unbearable, may be is the Windows? Chrome?

… F5, F5, F5, this being my workflow …

Sorry if I’m being too annoying about this … lately I’ve only complained about it …

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