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Webflow Designer Hardware Recommendations

Hey everyone,

I’m currently using Webflow on a PC with an i7 8700K, 16 gigs of 3200mhz DDR4 and a 4k screen and am moderately satisfied with the performance.

I’m using Webflow pretty heavily and often have complex projects with loads of subpages and myriads of elements, high resolution imagery, lots of CMS entries etc.

I was wondering what to look out for when buying new hardware to make the Webflow Designer run as smoothly as possible.

  • RAM: I was wondering if 32 or even 64 gigs would make a big difference compared to 16 gigs.

  • CPU: Is Webflow using multiple cores? Would I be better off with more cores or should I look for single core speed?

  • Intel VS AMD?

  • Screen resolution: I’m considering a laptop with a 4k screen but would probably be fine with a 1080p panel. Would there be much of a difference?

  • MAC vs. PC? Any testing available?

  • Anything else I should look out for?

Any sort of recommendation is Welcome. Thank you!

Its browser based so anything with a good internet connection as far as I know.

Why not look at your OS memory / CPU utilization when you have a default environment up. It will be different for everybody based on how many browser windows, native apps, and background processes you are running.

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