Best specs for webflow

Do I need a high end workstation/pc for webflow … ? Or is it completely cloud based and doesn’t use local host resources? …

Webflow is React app that runs in client, all you need is any computer that will be able run modern browser and good internet connection.

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so basically its server side rendering? so please give your final verdict whether i should go for cheap 400-500$ laptop ? will it be sufficient …

I would recommend to get a decent processor and graphics. Sometimes as you use for example Chrome, at some point it use a lot of memory so it become laggy on low cost devices.

In my opinion i5+ rtx 2000+

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Generally speaking, yes, just make sure that comp have at least 8Gb memory. More memory and fast CPU is better and you can get comp with 16, 32 if you decide in future use something like Affinity Designer, and Photo to be able work with images create SVG’s etc. Internal storage can be decent like about 250 Gb for system and you can always buy external HD for data if you will need.

I can’t recommend any PC as I work on Apple Mac only for may years and have absolutely no clue what you can get for $500 in Windows world.

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Probably Asus/Msi/Lenovo with windows

I do not know where you live and what is your budget but from my perspective if you would like to buy comp that will serve you for 10 years without any issues you can buy basic Apple Mac Mini M1 8Gb memory 256Gb SSD and 27" monitor (you should buy anyway for comfortable work).

I would say a moderately large monitor is just as if not more important. The webflow designer takes up a decent chunk of screen real estate and it is a time waste/not fun to be always opening and closing the panels to review your work. I’d do what @Stan says and invest in a cheaper M1 Mac with a larger monitor.

My current specs r 2gb GPU,8gigs of ram with ryzen 5 processor and a 1tb SSD

So why you asking such question about low range computer when you have 2022 gaming PC such HP Pavilion that by specs you have post is worth much more? Didn’t get it!!!

I agree it’s a mid range laptop …it costed 600$ for me… but i just had my doubts so I asked that’s it! Thanks for replying!