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Survey of members for hardware system they use Windows 10 or Mac?

To help a person about to buy laptop for working with Webflow. What operating system do members use and do they recommend that system?

I use PCs and Macs but my primary platform is Mac. Outside of design and development, there are pros and cons to each platform.

With so many people out there using Safari on iOS and macOS, it helps tremendously when you can just pull a site up on your Mac and get it tested. Xcode also has the official iOS, watchOS, and tvOS emulators which let you test your websites on any Apple device out there. Combined with Parallels, this empowers you to test on any version of Windows (7, 8, 10; IE, Edge, etc.) and all the current versions of Apple’s OSes. Extremely useful.

As for hardware, it’s really dependent on what it is you’re doing. Webflow runs like a champ on a cheap PC or Mac laptop, but it’s when you get into Photoshop and other image/video editing processes that a faster system makes a good bit of difference. I’ve always been impressed by Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup, and we’re seeing a tremendous amount of innovation on the PC side of things, especially with the Surface Pro 4 (although there’s a ton of evidence that some of the the Surface Pro 4 owners are going through a number of headaches—check out the restart issues that Microsoft finally addressed this past April).

Lots of choices—it’s a good time to be alive! :sunglasses:

Edit: Added browser share links and the picture below of the Xcode Emulator.


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