Webflow design tool broke donw

Hello everyone!
Here is the problem.
I had two websites. Original one and it’s copy.

The original one has broken down. (Do not know why. But the explanation is below)
I couldn’t open the design editor from the dashboard. It was stunning while opening.
The backup didn’t work as well. Only preview mode was available.

So, the original website didn’t work (I mean editor and backup)
Copy has worked normally.

When I tried to restore the original website the backup failed.
I wanted to delete it and use the saved copy.
There was a message that I should disconnect it from my subscription first.
I did it and deleted the original one.

After I deleted the original one, the problem appeared with the second one.
And it is the same now:
The loading is stuck and does not open.
When I’m trying to backup it shows me the error message.
When I’m trying to publish it shows me the error message.
I can do nothing with this project.