Webflow site is not opening

Hi everyone! I’m working on a client’s project.It was going good but after i restore a backup, my site didn’t open a single time it stucks here

when i opened the editor this happened

same wth read only link check it it also stuck
Webflow - Orange Guerilla

these are the errors

can anyone please help?

I, too, can’t open your project. I recommend that you open a trouble ticket with the Webflow support team. I have seen this issue pop up a few times lately.

What do you mean by trouble ticket?

A support request is often referred to as a “trouble ticket”.

Attempt to access your Webflow site using a different web browser to see if the issue is browser-specific. If the site loads on another browser, there may be a problem with your original browser.

Hey folks, When facing issues with your Web flow site a good troubleshooting step is to give a different web browser a spin. This helps rule out browser specific problems. If your site loads smoothly on another browser, it might signal a hiccup in your original browser setup. Give it a try and share your results with the community…