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Project corrupt / Can't load webflow designer

Started to integrate Weglot for multilingual support, which right away caused the designer not to load. Removed it, restored from older backup (since recents also did not work for some reason), did all the design changes again and tried to publish. Site is not publishing, when I exit designer it becomes corrupt again.

Nothing seems to work. Have gone back to restoring older backups several times, always ending with corrupted project. It can’t be design choices, as this design was previously up and running - problem came when I first started to connect Weglot.

Page has to be up by next week for a project and need to work on it in order to release it ASAP. Right now stuck, cause can’t really work on it because of this issue. Also can’t think of any solutions.

Any help is really appreciated.


All the best,

You should contact Webflow support asap. This forum is not for urgent Webflow customer support.

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