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Webflow crashes when adding BG video?

Wow, I don’t even know where to start. I watched the video about recreating the GoPro home page and followed along building my page. I changed a few little things here and there. When I went to drop in the BG video, it worked, but was misplaced. i changed some setting and did it again and ever since Webflow crashes and acts all funny if I try and add a BG video.

I try and add it, get the choose a video box, and it never goes away, unless I use the back button, or open another page. Just now, even when I went to my pages menu I only saw 2 or 5 pages I have, and now I see none. If press create a new page, nothing happens. Hit the browser back button, and everything is there!

As an experiment I used the add media item adding video and managed to add the video via the Vimeo link (video is just a tad over 5MB). The first time I previewed it it worked, fine, now it doesn’t play. I have the BG video place holder there (in a section under it), but once again when I double click to change (or add the content) I get the video settings/add video dialng box and essentially the program locks up. For example I have the navigator panel open, and when I click on the “setting”, or any other tab for that matter they change color, but nothing happens (and the BG video dialog box is still open).

If I click on pages, I can go to another page, but those tabs still don’t work (even with the new page open). Click the back button on my browser and it takes me back to the dashboard where I open the project, and all is back to working order (except I still only have the vimeo video placeholder and it doesn’t work (btw - I edited and rendered that video from 4K footage on this same desktop without issue using Davinic Resolve).

So is this me? Am I losing my mind? I’m gonna go try on my laptop and see what happens. Oh, and I even re-started my computer for kicks, nothing changed. Just created a fresh page with nothing but a body - dropped in the BG video “bam-mo” all locked up with the dialog stuck open.

My guess is this will all work fine tomorrow for some reason, or maybe even on another computer, but right now I’m frustrated, so at least I get to vent :). Thankfully I have no deadlines, but still I’d prefer not to spin my wheel with nothing productive as a result.

added a red BG - the video place is there, but it won’t upload a video. I tried two or three different ones. Same events, dialog opens, I choose, nothing happens, loose functionality of buttons.

and just like that it’s back and working. The original one, no. However if I delete that one and drop a new one it uploads as expected.

Nope, I worked on some other pages, came back and tried to upload a video as a BG in a section - same deal. Site stalls, nothing happens, and I basically have to exit to get going again. Video space is placed, but it never uploads (earlier, i got the upload bar, once). Very frustrating and I can’t image what would cause this on my end? It would be a shame if I couldn’t use video as I have a bunch of made already.

What the heck - closed the program, reopened it, and the video is there. Never and sign it was uploading, no nothing. This is hard to work with.


Thanks for the detailed posts and sorry to hear about the trouble adding a background video.

It sounds like you were able to resolve the issue, but we definitely want to make sure the behavior doesn’t continue.

I tested on this end and was able to upload a video to a background video element without experiencing any issues or freezing. However, it does look like the upload is cancelled when you change pages in the middle of uploading. I’ve reported this to the team so we can look into this further, but for now it’s best to stay on the current page until the video is fully uploaded/transcoded.

It’s also possible that a browser extensions could be causing an issue here. To test for this, can you please try the following:

Any other screenshots or recordings of this behavior is also helpful.

Lastly, could you also please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page? There should be a small share link when you visit the page which you can send to me.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you Brando for showing interest in this. This shows a level of involvement that makes me more confidant in using this software. I appreciate that.

At the moment, I did a test and all is well. If the issue arises again i will follow your directions and re-post.


My pleasure @IPT :bowing_man:

Please do let us know if you encounter any other odd behavior. You can also contact us directly with any questions and we’ll always do our best to help :slight_smile:

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