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Webflow compatibility with cheapest Godaddy .com

Hello, dear forum community! :grinning:
I’m helping a friend of mine with his web page and now we want hosting. I’am sorry, it is an amateur question, but will cheapest Godaddy plan (ECONOMY Best price for a basic site, $3.99/month) work for our webflow-powered site? Will it be possible then, to move the site from webflow to .com from Godaddy?

Yes you can buy a domain off Godaddy and use it for your webflow hosted site. You can check out the guide here: Click here

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Thank you! So it will look in a browser like And it will have ‘built on webflow’ button?

Yes, in the browser it will look like “” if you use godaddy domain on webflow.

If you are using the free webflow plan it will have the “built with webflow” button.

If you are using a paid version, you can turn it off by going to your site settings and disabling the button, you can upgrade your account here!


Also let me know if you have more questions or need help and ill try to help :grinning:

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Hey @shml

If you are planning the export your website to GoDaddy the economy plan should work. Be aware that you can’t export CMS data. You can only export static pages.

If you are planning to host with Webflow you will only need to register a domain with Godaddy.

You would then purchase either basic or CMS hosting from Webflow.

Hope that helps

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Hi shml,

Yes, you can. Just purchase domain from godaddy and host it on webflow. Good luck!

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