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Webflow Code Exported, Need Help

I’ve exported my code from Webflow and I am getting ready to host it using another platform. When I paste the code into this new platform i’ve noticed that nothing shows up.

What causes it is this piece of code which is found throughout my index.html file.

<div data-w-id="39a5d26d-d239-5fea-84a7-3b9464d0b8df" style="opacity:0" class="ts-resume-right mobile">
What is this code for? And what would be the repercussions of me not using it?

If you’re interested here’s my read-only-link


I looked through your source code and it seems to be part of a section that is set to “display: none” in your Webflow project on desktop, and displayed on tablet and below. Specifically this section:

So you probably don’t want to remove it :slight_smile:

Is there a particular reason another platform would not be able to read this code?

No, it shouldn’t be a problem. Is your whole site blank? If that’s the case, it does sound weird.

Edit: I want to add: what platform are you using the code with?

oh yes, the entire page is blank for the index page & pieces of the about page

What platform are you hosting it with?

A platform called

I have contacted their support and this is what they’ve told me:

lines using `data-w-id` as a custom attribute doesn't appear you can use that within the wysiwyg editor.


Ah, well the “data-w-id” comes from having interactions set on certain elements. You could try changing the interactions from the current element to classes and see if the “data-w-id” is removed. Otherwise I would suggest to remove the interactions all together.

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Okay thank you! I will try this and update you here