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Section that is not hidden in preview gets hidden when published

Hi there.
Title is pretty self explanatory: I have a section of a page that disappears only when published; it seems that there is an added with display:none!important;visibility:hidden!important;opacity:0!important;height:0!important;width:0!important;pointer-events:none!important; that appears, but I feel utterly stupid in not finding where is the source of it in my project.

that is the section in question.

I think it is interesting to note that there is a section with the same class that does not disappear.


this section appear on the live website for me :

And I couldn’t see any interaction or display none in your breakpoints. Did you solve your problems ?

Btw, you’re not required to custom load jquery, it’s already part of webflow’s needs. And instead of pasting the link inside every head of your pages, you can load the script from the project settings :slight_smile:

did not solve the problem.
on the live website you have a legacy page that is hidden, that is not the one that has been designed :confused:

Here is a link to the live website with the published page:

So. I removed the container from the section and it seems to solve the issue.
If I put the container in any section, it will disappear again, For reasons unknown to me, even if I move it around.

I’d like to have a resolution if someone has any idea, so ill keep it open.

Hi, @Lex!

It seems to hard to reproduce the issue you described. Would you be able to do a screen-recording so we could see maybe the steps we are missing?

Sure thing @sabanna give me a couple of hours and ill be doing it, there is another page where the issue is present.

So have a look; in the first capture you can see how the page looks like when previewed in webflow and once published you can see the section just pops out of existence.

When one inspect the code, this is the part that adds itself for… reasons beyond me. I feel like Its something I have done but honestly I have near zero clue as to what can generates that:

Link to project:

Actually happens to another website now as well which has the same issue;

video section pops out of existence after a while.

Aright, After hours of pain, removing all scripts and alike: I finally know what is the cause of my trouble, and it is myself unsurprisingly. I have a chrome plugin that blocks the cookie popup from appearing… and sometimes removes a whole section as well.

Now you know. the weakest point is always between the chair and the keyboard.

Hey, @Lex. Glad to hear it got sorted out, despite such a tedious process.