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Webflow CMS Tabs with dynamic tab panes - SOLVED!

Hello, Webflow community! :wave:

We are excited to push a huge update to our F’in sweet CMS Library!

You can now setup a dynamic Webflow CMS generated Tabs component. Just a few lines of code to implement. Free to use, free support. :tada: Check out our Dynamic CMS Tabs!!!

Visual Script Writer: Don’t write any code if you don’t want to! :partying_face: Now updated with new Components code.

Script Compiler: We built this super badass javascript bundler that will export a script file for you based on the components you are using in the Library. Upload to your server and only use the components you need! :exploding_head: (more updates to this soon!)

CMS How-to: All docs pages have walkthrough video tutorials. We’ve updated with this more tutorials! :sunglasses:

“From Scratch” series: A ton of new content around all of this on Youtube, including a series to show you Sliders and Tabs! :blush:

:call_me_hand: Questions? Need help implementing? Go to SweetJS and join our free support channel.

:point_right: Check out Dynamic Slides and Dynamic Anchor Links!!!

….and… we have already started working on brand new CMS Library components for you. :webflow_heart: