Dynamic Tabs Finsweet

Hey guys, so i followed this tutorial:

I got it to work, my tabs are dynamicly generated and i get the content in the panes like i want to. However, the “name” of my tabs wont work. I always get randomly generated numbers as text, and i really dont get it. I dont think i have made a mistake, since then it wouldnt work at all. Any of you had that issue and resolved it?


Hi @guadster !

I’m not exactly sure why you’re having this issue right now, but the Finsweet CMS Library is not really supported anymore by @Finsweet, as they recently released their newer and better/simpler tool called Attributes, which I really think you should check out !

It is much easier to implement than the CMS Library, and you don’t even need to use custom code, so it’s probably going to be quicker for you to fix your problem by using their newest method I believe.

Here is their official doc for the CMS Tabs Attributes :

And here is their video tutorial on the new CMS Tabs Attributes :

Hope that helps !

I’m trying to add the date of my CMS item inside the .tab-menu-link class, before the title (.tab-name)

How can I achieve this?
this is my read-only: Webflow - ONE OCEAN FOUNDATION

I don’t know why in the read-only link the tab does not seem to work, anyway this is the regular link where it should be working: History

attached there is a screenshot of what I would like to achieve

thank you!