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Introducing the Tabs component!

Hey guys, we’re proud to announce that the Tabs component is now available in Webflow! I know a lot of you have tried to mimic tabs with our Interactions feature, but now it’s a billion times easier. And Tabs are fully integrated with Interactions, so you can create some really awesome effects when switching tabs.

For example, here’s a video of @Mat recreating the fancy tabs we have on the homepage:

You can read more details on our blog:

Let us know if you run into any bugs, or have any usability improvements for us. We’re still working on ironing out some issues with turning Tabs into symbols, but a fix should be around the corner.

Big shoutout to @danro for getting this implemented! :slight_smile:


Great work guys! Advancements like these are always appreciated!


Really appreciate all the new updates. Great job @danro et al.

Another great feature added !! Excellent work WF Team !!! Thanks so much for this and looking forward to more advances in the future !! You’re going to make all of us look good !! :smile:

Really cool feature guys! This is a great solution for sections where you have big texts to layout. Looks cool and simple, just the way it is nice to be.

Thank you!

Great, thanks! Kudos for the email announcing tabs and web fonts, it’s very nicely designed.

Keep up the good work, this is just getting better and better.

I just want to say thank you very much for this widget. I really appreciate what you guys are doing :smiley:

Awesome…Webflow gets better each day…Kudos to webflow team

Did I just saw on video interactions with Slider Trigger…? Great news btw:))

Hi, yes now there is a new trigger for slider, you can animate elements on slide into view event and slide out of view event.

We are working on some docs for this slider trigger for the interactions :slight_smile: Cheers

Very cool feature. Thanks guys. Anyway you can demo how this new tab feature reacts/looks on small devices - portrait phone for example?

Absolutely! Take a look at the examples we created here:

They all have tweaks made to perform at their best on mobile. Be sure to check out the Public Link as well:

Hope this helps!


Cool! Thanks. I see how you stacked them for phone portrait view. I was wondering how you were going to do that.

fyi @callmevlad the tabs preview link on this page goes to the interactions preview

Tabs are a great addition to the webflow kit - thank you!
Q: Is it possible to do a crossfade or use options in the slider transitions on the tabs component or only the fade out and then fade in?

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