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Webflow CMS Slider with dynamic slides - SOLVED!

Hello, Webflow community! :wave:

We are excited to push a huge update to our F’in sweet CMS Library!

You can now setup a dynamic Webflow CMS generated Slider component. Just a few lines of code to implement. Free to use, free support. :tada: Check out our Dynamic CMS Slider!!!

Visual Script Writer: Don’t write any code if you don’t want to! :partying_face: Now updated with new Components code.

Script Compiler: We built this super badass javascript bundler that will export a script file for you based on the components you are using in the Library. Upload to your server and only use the components you need! :exploding_head: (more updates to this soon!)

CMS How-to: All docs pages have walkthrough video tutorials. We’ve updated with this more tutorials! :sunglasses:

“From Scratch” series: A ton of new content around all of this on Youtube, including a series to show you Sliders and Tabs! :blush:

:call_me_hand: Questions? Need help implementing? Go to SweetJS and join our free support channel.

:point_right: Check out Dynamic Tabs and Dynamic Anchor Links!!!

….and… we have already started working on brand new CMS Library components for you. :webflow_heart:


Imagine F’insweet not being one of the main hero’s of Webflow land!

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Amazing work folks, I’m blown away by how many free, useful tools you’re putting out to help the Webflow community. Thank you so much for being f’in awesome.

Also happened to stumble upon yesterday and already integrated some of those as well on my current ecom build :metal:

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Thanks for your work! You are great! But I can’t figure out what most of your add-ons are for! Can you show examples of where to use this?

Hey, @bonidom! Thank you!!! The add-ons are for the filter component. We’re planning on releasing walkthrough videos for these!