Webflow CMS Image Optimization

Hi there,

I created a Webflow CMS Image optimizer since I always faced this issue of optimizing images both through size and codec of the images to make sure pages load faster and our content pages could become better.

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I have worked on this and released Pixie - The CMS Image optimizer which allows you to sync your Webflow project and optimizes images through it.

What it can do?

  • It works both with CMS and eCommerce CMS.
  • Resize Images with predefined sizes
  • Optimize images with two options

How to get started?
Get started by opening the Pixie App in Little Big Things Account.
Screenshot 2021-01-022 at 8.55.07 AM

Add a Webflow Project/Site through OAuth so that your Webflow integrations don’t break.

Select the “Add Sites” option if you want to make sure other integrations don’t break or use the API key if handy.

I suggest using the “Add Sites” option

Authorize the sites to be optimized
select sites

Select the optimization option:

  • Lossy (recommended)
  • Lossless

Select the collections you want to optimize

You can select to resize each field as per your need to push your optimization even further.

If you have any questions, just reach out!

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