WebP conversion tool for Collection Images

I used the new conversion tool for images that are in the asset panel, however if I have added my images to collection item directly they do not seem to show up in the assets panel, how would I go about compressing those if I wanted too?


Seems not possible. There is something like https://stacket.app which compresses all of your images in an automated way for you. Even into AVIF Format (which gives you way higher compression)

Collection images are not uploaded to assets so asset optimization won’t target them there. I have been using manual off Webflow asset conversions, but this is a laborious process with Webflow for now. I don’t know if addressing images in rich text fields or multi-image fields is on Webflow’s radar. Maybe @matthewpmunger could advise us?

Hey @Eric_Paullin

For our first release WebP, compression is only available for static images in the asset manager. We’re actively exploring enhancements to add support for CMS images and images in rich text fields in the future.

Due to that fact, if you want to convert those other assets right now, you’d need convert those assets prior to uploading to Webflow. Of the top of my head, here are some services to check out that handle compression and conversion:

Every designer will likely have their go to app for compression, so look around, test, and find the service that works best for your needs.

This is also a relevant Twitter thread about when to use webp format.


Ah sounds good, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. It was not a pressing concern to convert those, as there are about 200 or more images in the collection fields.

Thanks for your response!

Optily does a great job at compressing your CMS collection images automatically https://www.optily.co/

The one thing it didn’t do well was compressing static images, so now it’s all sorted!

It’s not webp though but uses tinypng so still pretty good!