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Webflow CMS great! but, what if I share my content with money as a subscription system

Hi Everyone!

I want to lauch a content base start-up in Turkish Language

The idea is learn more in less time - I will share non-fiction book summaries in website.

User pay 9 $ per month and I will upload 25 book summaries every month.

So question is Can I set up login-signup membership subscription system - and only share
content paid user?


I just use webflow for designing pages. then exporting and finding another way to make it happend?



You have the option of using Webflow and then embedding code from a membership system into your Webflow website. You don’t necessarily have to export it to a different system, unless you prefer to.

Teresa - Pixel Panda

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@serhad check out

I think this work for your needs :slight_smile:

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Hi Aaron did u try this serves. I’m not sure its solution. It’s look like ensecure

Hi @PixelPanda May I ask how:)

Hey @serhad sorry for not responding to your post, I never saw your reply!?

I’ve done some digging about, and although I can’t see any specs about SSL certificates and such. I can find many great reviews for ‘sentry login’ they do 30 day trial, I’d give it a go as you can always get your money back.

Oh and I’ve read multiple reviews saying their support is really good and responsive!


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hey there @Aaron…!

I was just playing with the Sentry login system but their embed code is longer than 5000 characters and webflow won’t let me paste that…

Have you done this? Any suggestions? @PixelPanda? @cyberdave?


Hey @AlanBorger you could try a Jquery include or HTML include

HTML Include
<object data="link to HTML/JS Document"></object>

And replace the "Link to HTML/JS Document" with your link to a externally hosted Doc with the Sentry snippet, haven’t tested it but I don’t know a reason it wouldn’t work!?

Give it a go and let me know if it works would be interested to see :slight_smile:



Great Aaron, thanks for that, I’ll try that out and I’ll let you know…

One more question;

That snippet should be saved as a .html file, right? just copy the snippet to a txt file, save it as .html and upload it? do you think that should do it?

Thanks man!

No probs, I’m guessing it’s a JS <script> snippet, so I would give it an extension of .js

But I could be wrong I haven’t seen it, if you send me the snippet I’ll take a look. Email it though, as 5000 characters in here my break the internet! :stuck_out_tongue:


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awesome… thanks… will do…