Setting up annual client hosting instead of monthly

Hey guys. I’m currently setting up hosting for a client of mine. And I told him that the hosting was $16/mo as it says on the hosting page. But when i setup the client it says it’s $20/mo - and i can’t seem to change it to a yearly subscription?

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks so much

I would think that the Webflow team would have done something by now…
I’ve seen so many people asking this :neutral_face:

Unfortunately, there isn’t an option, bla bla, vote for that idea here:

Thanks for the reply @IggsTP - that’s really ridiculous. What do they expect me to tell my client then… As if it wasn’t expensive enough. Guess it gonna be a Wordpress site then. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

No worries @NikolajHaugaard

I’ve used Webflow for some time, and I really like it…
But I do get a bit sad when I notice that the webflow team doesn’t fix such small requests :confused:

I wouldn’t trade Wordpress for Webflow… the community here is simply amazing :slight_smile:

You can bill your client manually every year, and then pay for the hosting yourself, or think of a different solution :slight_smile:
I’m sure someone here has found a way of charging an annual fee.

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This is something we’re currently trying to support. Thanks for your patience!


@IggsTP Sorry for the outburst, I got a little carried away there :slight_smile: It’s just unfortunate when it says $16 on their pricing page, and you sells it to your clients for $16.

But I totally agree with you, I really love Webflow and I am planning on using it for all my clients in the future. It’s so much more reliable and sustainable the Wordpress, and it gives me so much more freedom to make what the client needs. And the community is great, and very helpful.

Again I appreciate your reply IggsTP. :slight_smile:

@brryant sounds good. It’s a little strange to be honest, and it seems like something you would have discussed, and decided not to implement, just to make a few extra dollars a month. I really hope it becomes available soon.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Some designers have been charging their clients for a year of hosting up front as part of the final payment from their clients. Doing. It this way let’s you bypass the setup for client billing.

Plus when it’s time to ask them to renew each year, you can check in with your client and see if they need anything new that you could upsell them on.

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Hi @PixelGeek
Appreciate the feedback. Yes that’s true, IggsTp suggested the same thing, so I think it’s the way to do it. But it would still be a nice feature though.


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