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Need help learning new Webflow tricks


I’m Zach, a fellow newbie here, I came across Webflow a few weeks ago just after learning basic HTML and CSS coding and have come to find that this is such an amazing tool to not only design your own website, but to also design and develop websites for individual clients and businesses. I’m a Visual Artist myself- so I very much love the visual designing/developing aspect of it all as opposed to writing tons of code. Webflow is truly a game changer. With all that said, I am very eager to improve my skills within Webflow in order to start landing freelance web design/web development work. To add and reassure how committed to excelling within Webflow I am - I even took Ran Segall’s master class, which I do regularly refer back to and feel was very much well worth the time and money. Everyday I look up tutorials, tips & tricks, and I continue to design and build my own website. However I feel like it’s slightly moving a tad slower than I 'd like. I know this takes time and practice, which I am well aware of, but I was curious if anyone had any tips, tricks, videos, guides, and/or examples that would help move along the learning process so that I can start designing and developing in a more fluid and efficient manner. I’d also appreciate any advice on any particular practices that helped any of you out there when you found yourself in this position.

I look forward to and appreciate any help!



There is no better way to learn about using Webflow than watching all available tutorials and reproducing what is shown in them. Here is where you need to start — watch and read everything from this page before considering if you need to learn more.