Client Billing in currencies other than dollars

Can anyone tell me if Webflow will eventually allow Client Billing in currencies other than dollars?
Their CEO Vlad promised this would be looked at some time ago!
If we are now billing multiple clients annually for their hosting, we have no way of figuring the exact rate based on the current exchange rate, closer to the time of billing.
So even with STRIPE subscriptions, it’s a complete headache with Webflow’s imminent prices increases. It would be easier for non-US Webflow admins to select a “Bill in Euros” option.

Hey Cormac, client billing does not exist at all currently.
It was removed from Webflow last year between Apr and Nov.

You can bill using whatever platform you want, in whatever currency you choose.

Or, you can setup a workspace for each client, and they pay for their own hosted sites directly.

Search the forums for “client billing” and you’ll see a lot of threads regarding this topic, and some discussions of what people found for replacing the feature.

Hi Michael,
I know client billing is gone. What I meant is Webflow is billing me in dollars as opposed to Euros.
I am hosting all of my clients projects and get billed for each of them in dollars.
I then have to bill my clients their hosting fee but in Euros. Because the exchange rate is constantly fluctuating, there is no real way for me to tell my clients what cost their annual hosting is.
I have STRIPE subscriptions setup for my Webflow hosting fees, but again the price here can change depending on what the exchange rate is at the day of their renewal. This isn’t really ideal for an automated hosting service. All I can do for the is add 10% extra to the subscription fee, which makes the service even more expensive. If Webflow billed in Euros for European customers, it would make things easier.

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Do you have to bill your clients’ hosting fees in Euros? Maybe I don’t understand your situation well, but what I’ve done to help myself with the exchange rate problem, and learn the new Membership tools at the same time, is set up a client membership log in on my website, and then put all Webflow hosting products on their account page for them to purchase a subscription in USD with my fee included. Then we don’t have to worry about exchange rate fluctuation because they’re paying their hosting by credit card and it automatically gets exchanged to your Stripe. I offer monthly or annual, just like Webflow who are charging us anyway, so they get a chance to save. As a bonus they can also always see what product they have and when their renewal date is because their active subscription is shown on their account page. Conceivably also use page for client specific information/announcements. I didn’t use all the exact hosting levels names for my hosting products as per Webflow out of personal preference. I tell clients they’re buying best in class Webflow hosting + my fee. You don’t have to mark it up at all, all we need is protection from Webflow hosting charge fluctuations. Your hosting management fee, if there is one, can be invoiced in your home country currency.

Thanks for your response.
It’s an interesting setup.
We are an Irish company billing other Irish companies for the use of a service. We cannot decide to bill them in dollars as neither of us are operating in that jurisdiction. Therein lies the issue. We have to bill in Euros and convert Webflow’s fee + our fee to a Euro figure.

I’m thinking you only have to pay taxes on what is deposited in your Stripe account, which is already converted to your home currency, making it easy, so why would jurisdiction enter into it? Maybe there is a jurisdiction thing I don’t understand. The only loss as far as I can tell is paying the e-commerce fee to Webflow and Stripe.

We issue an invoice to someone from STRIPE. This invoice is in Euros and has the appropriate 23% VAT rate. I don’t understand how you think you can bill someone in dollars?

I set my site’s Webflow store currency to USD, even though I’m Canadian. Clients purchase my hosting products in USD with credit card. No one cares they’re buying in USD, Webflow is a US company after all. They’re probably already buying other stuff online in USD as well, with their credit card. I set the tax settings in my Webflow store to Canada, so when they buy in USD they are still being charged HST (VAT). Money is deposited in my Stripe as USD. Stripe transfers to my Canadian bank account in CAD. Set and forget, as the hosting product they buy in my store is a subscription that will automatically charge them monthly or annual. Does this make more sense now?

What @Bammedia is saying is that he is Irish-based, and wants to invoice in Euros to his customers. It looks and feels right. He is not US based and therefore, unlike a direct subscription with a US-based company, he is representing his company as an Irish-based company invoicing in USD which is not an elegant solution.

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Same problem here. I want my invoices to be in GBP so I can claim the VAT back