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Webflow Backend

I’m a Vue.js web designer studying Node.js in order to avoid backend developers dependencies. My goal is to become a fullstack web developer, freelance.
I’m playing around with Webflow and i love it so much so i was wondering if i could find a solution to replace Vue.js with Webflow adding a backend. Onestly with Node.js you reinvent the wheel every time, this is difficult, boring and unbearable.
Which is the best way to obtain a powerful fullstack workflow starting from Webflow?
Which is the best way to add Webgl or Gsap animation in Webflow?
Possibly free or open source.
Webflow + Firebase?
Webflow + Zapier apps?
Webflow + export in Vue + Node/Django/Ruby on Rails/Laravel ecc.?
Webflow + Wordpress?

Here what i need to create:
Business and corporate websites
portfolios and design websites
Real estate websites
Educational, newspaper websites
Event management, booking systems, payment systems
Form, registration, auth, newsletter, Membership systems
Strong interaction with a database
Then i would like to create a social network but it’s just a dream.
I repeat: possibly free or open source solutions, an accumulation of monthly subscribtions could be very expensive

Thank you in advance

Plus 1.

Fede, did you find anything?

Unfortunately not :frowning:

Hi @Fede86,

I’m not sure if it will correspond to your needs, but I came across this solution in the forum:

Webflow + +

Not free and/or opensource though.

It’s been awhile now, curious if you found anything and what it was :slightly_smiling_face:

Webflow + Firebase waiting for an integrated backend :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Fede86 would be curious to hear more about this solution. Did it solve your problem? If not, what is lacking?

Since you are still waiting for an “integrated backend” could you elaborate on what your dream setup would look like?

Hi @Fede86 , all, I’m starting on a similar journey and running against the same problems. As it stands I’m attempting to use the wf + bubble solution that @ColibriMedia mentioned, however without much success because bubble development is really bad if you’re trying to make something look nice.

I also found out about backendless, which sounds very promising, they have a page detailing how to do the wf integration:

however I’m lost on how that’s not a huge security risk or cost given that they are exposing the keys in the js code sent to the client on WF…

hope that helps

Say it is so very different are front-end and Back-end? Will you try it now. I think that Bootstrap or WordPress. I do like both portfolio and design websites, eCommerce.