Webflow API - Ecommerce inventory changed webhook


I have recently started doing a project that works with Webflow API. I have been using Integromat to link with it as it already has modules to connect with Webflow E-commece shop, but also allows to make direct API calls in a simple way.

One of scenarios I have built is using the E-commerce webhook trigger ecomm-inventory-changed, which is described in the documentation below:


Works like a dream, when I add or reduce stock in CMS - I get message with item ID,item stock type (finite) and stock level. All good so far…

Today after a few orders online - we realized that webhook “inventory changed” trigger - is not triggered after inventory changes due to an order…?! E.g. I add +1 to item in inventory -> messages sent on webhook. Customer buys product online - inventory goes -1 and there is silence on webhook…

Is this even remotely possible that webhook “ecomm_inventory_changed” would not react to inventory changes due to e-commerce activity such as sale?? Or am I getting something greatly confused here?