Cross-site Product Inventory Updates in Zapier

Hey everyone! I really need your help figuring out how to accomplish a Webflow > Zapier > Webflow automation. Essentially, we’re running 2 event booking sites that need to have their inventories for reservations in sync. Conceptually, I know what needs to happen: Each time a new order is placed on either website, Find the product that was purchased, and change either the Product Inventory to 0 or the Custom switch field “Out of Stock?” to “TRUE”. I’ve created a Conditional Visibility filter to show an out of stock state on products with the switch turned on. Since the Zapier will be an “Update Live CMS item”, the zaps should be able to manage and properly adjust purchases and inventory across both sites simultaneously.

If anyone could advise, because I’m almost sure this is possible, I’d really appreciate the help!

Here’s a live version of the site: