Is there a way to add inventory tracking to existing products in webflows e-commerce?


I’ve been using webflow for quite a while and have a few clients fully switched over. Just to start, I love it!!! Love love love the lottie integrations and all the quick and intuitive options it offers.

With that said, I have a client who has added 100% of their products onto their store (over 100) and is only now asking about inventory functionality. Normally, I would just have them add inventory to all their existing products (on other e-commerce platforms it’s this simple) and publish it and call it a day!

However, Webflow does not appear give the option to switch on inventory tracking for existing products! Am I missing something here? I reallllly hope it’s as simple as a switch somewhere I’m missing. If not, 100+ products will need to be re-made and they have soooooo many custom fields :frowning:

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You should just see a switch for inventory in each item.

Heya :slightly_smiling_face:

I see you’re looking for an instant solution but I thought I might as well chime in with a recommendation.

If you’re ever looking for ways of automating/streamlining your Webflow processes and if you’re not squirming at the thought of using third-party services, you might want to check out Integromat. It’s a no-code platform thanks to which you can connect Webflow to pretty much any other service. With Integromat, you can build automations that are super simple or crazy complex - you’re the boss.

Speaking of inventory tracking, there’s a pre-made Integromat template that sends you an email notification whenever a predefined item in Webflow reaches a certain level. You could also expand this workflow by adding more steps to it (e.g. updating your external database, sending an automated order to your supplier, creating inventory reports, etc.).

Anyway - keep on loving Webflow, it’s an awesome service :hearts:

Full disclosure: I work for Integromat and I simultaneously believe it’s a great product, that’s why I’m jumping in :blush: