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Creating a Webflow application for iPad but not online

Hopefully my title makes sense. I need to create an interactive application that my client can
use an iPad to display it. I would love to be able to build it in Webflow so it is responsive but need
then to get it on the iPad so it runs like an app (no Internet).
I have done this previously with an AIR app but then you cannot make it responsive. Does anyone know if this is possible
and if so how to go about doing this.


Great if they can do it. Check this thread:

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That would be cool, but maybe there’s already solutions out there which would take your finished Webflow “site” and create an app out of it. PhoneGap, for example, has been out for a while and gets better and supports more mobile features with every year.

It basically takes your html site and converts it to App code. check it out


Thanks! Looked at this and it looks great. I have to update my OS to use this one but this pointed me in the right direction. I found also.

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Webflow cannot make native apps. But there are other platforms that do this. Maybe like

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I have been trying to find programs that convert the HTML5 site into an app. I want to build it in webflow and then covert it. I have found a few but am still trying to figure it out.

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