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Webflow anchor issue with different webflow.js

So I have website that I published on different domain

one are this :
and I published too on this url :
the domain I used as a staging site, while the v2 I used as production

if you go to the footer section, there is ‘top’ button, this an anchor link, and used to go to the top of the page.

on the, the button is not work at all
but on v2 is working fine

the smooth scrolling effect also not work on my site

I published the site on the v2, 3 days ago, the configuration on the anchor link are still the same, but i have made a several update on the site, but not in anchor link.

my investigation so far, is that there are 2 different webflow.js file, that linked to

if I copy the webflow.js url on my v2 domain, and paste it on before </body> custom code in domain, the button works fine, but there are several error on console, since I cant fix this, because webflow.js its on the cloud, so this issue is not fixed.

please help me on this, any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

----------------------- EDIT ------------------------

This issue has been resolve by webflow support team

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