Changes in webflow.JS caused issue with java load and interactions

So on our website we have the following construction.

  • we have several portfolio items (separate webflow pages in the same website) which we show in a “popupdiv” using custom code. (

("#open1").click(function(e){ e.preventDefault(); (’#loadhere2’).load(‘project1’);

then interactions take over and they allow the user to click thumbnails to go through the pictures in the gallery.

This all worked fine! See

However recently we changed some content on the website. and redesigned the elements in webflow to work better.

NOW the issue arises.
When i published the new version (external host) the gallery within the popup wouldn’t work anymore…
however when i just go to the portfolio item itself. the motions work perfectly.

So i started testing, changed the webflow interactions to scripts (worked in the portfolio1.html aswell) but when in the main page( java load) wouldn’t anymore.

so i decided to take back my original portfolio items (previous website release) with the current website version. to test.
it didn’t work… so i was thinking what is left now, and came onto the webflow.JS so i got the older version that is still online in our current distribution of the website. and put it in this combined setup. IT WORKED

So i figured that probably the webflow.JS is blocking something concerning javascript and java loads.

took the complete new website, and replaced the current webflow.JS with the old one, and guess what. IT DOES NOT WORK.

Can anyone tell me whats going on here?

So some raging and some thinking later. I made it happen.

Let me explain what i did wrong, i thought webflow.JS was a general file, not containing any specifics about the particular webpage. however in the end of the file, the Interactions (IX) are noted.

So combining webflow.JS old (2014-11) with the IX of the current webflow.JS

and suddenly it works, so can one of the admins please tell me what has changed

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