Problem with sections and fullPage.js


I’ve set up the fullPage javascript on my page, which works fine. But now my navigation can’t link to the section IDs throughout the page. When I click a navigation link, the url of the page goes to the correct section, but it won’t scroll down to the given section.

I’ve tried to add anchors in the javascript to lead to the given section IDs, but the entire fullPage javascript stops working.

Any clues as to why it’s happening, and a possible fix?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I went to your preview link and the main navigation links seem to work just fine in Chrome. The issue that you have is that the scroll interactions native to Webflow conflict somehow with the fullpage.js file and do not work. This is a known issue and you can find out more by searching the forums.

The same problem :slight_smile: need some js ninja, please

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