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Web developer needed for product startup

Hey web devs! I need a right hand man in custom coding and overall maintenance for my website as needed throughout the life of my product launch campaign. My ability is limited to design and copy paste api (lol). Check out my site and message me if you’d like to assist in: coding, bugs, custom integration, seo, general maintenance.

Overall looking to have someone I can call to help in realtime with any web solutions I need for the business, thank you all!

Steve Will

Hi Steve,

Not really in the right person for bug squashing and custom integrations (as I’m more of a UX/UI/Web Designer with coding skills) but I just wanted to say good luck with your product! Looks pretty flash! All the best for the launch!

Hey thank you so much Laura! All my best.

Hi Steve,
I could surely assist you.
Just sent you an email.

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If not any freelancer you can contact many web development companies that can help you in building your site and assist you in web development

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