Looking for ongoing development partner

Me: Graphic designer who knows enough about HTML & CSS to make some pretty decent sites using Webflow, but would like to focus more on the conceptual development and design side of things.

You: A developer with extensive HTML, CSS and javascript experience—and an eye for detail—that feels at home in Webflow building out and launching websites of all shapes and sizes.

Both: Adamantly believe that Webflow is the future of website development.

I’m after someone who I can work with in an ongoing capacity on a range of projects I have in the pipeline. Someone that takes pride in their work and relishes the final strides to the finish line, crossing their Ts and dotting their Is along the way.

Get in touch with me at mark@vscreative.com.au if that sounds like you and let’s talk.

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I sent you an email but I got undelivered mail…so I’m writing here - We are a web desiging company from Poland. We specialize in creating web pages and e-shops. To tell truth we haven’t worked on Webflow yet but I think it’s not the most important thing. We have an expert in HTML, CSS and javascript.

If you like what we are doing, contact us :slight_smile: www.pablonet.pl/en/ agata@pablonet.pl