We want to add static page in CMS collection in some way

Hello, please help us…

We want to add static page in CMS collection in some way,
Because we want to solve this;

1.We want to maintain URL hierarchy “無人店舗ソリューション” ,but its content wants to be replaced static page.(because we need static page’s high design )

2.Our product page(ソリューション 商品とサービス | HOUSEI.INC) uses CMS collection,but in the case of static page can’t add autmatically as same as CMS.

Its CMS Collection is “Product and services”.
And, it is predicted that more product page made as static page In the future.

How can we solve it?

Thank you,

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - Housei

はじめまして, HOUSEI

Webflow doesn’t support the use of static pages as collection pages directly, but there are a few ways to create something similar;

  1. Use scripts and URL redirects, and Browser history replace, to make the navigation happen and to make the URLs appear as collection page URLs.
  2. Use scripts IFRAMEs in your Collection Page to load content
  3. Like #2, but AJAX.

There are much more advanced approaches too, using a proxy but that’s a lot of work to set up and configure properly.

I have done a demo of #1. It works, however the URL changes are visible.

Demo site, and read-only project link.