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Please don't ever get rid of legacy styles panel

So recently, when I get into Webflow, it’s auto switching me over to the beta styles panel. It used to just ask me if I wanted to try it out.

I’ve tried it out. I really am just rigid to stick with legacy version.

Please. Don’t. Ever. Get. Rid. Of. It.

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What’s your reasoning for this out of interest?

By compacting all of the styles it’s actually less intuitive. More clicks now to do the same thing.

IE changing from display block to flex. Two clicks now vs one click.

When you do this for several styles it’s tedious.

Also, maybe I missed all of it, but I never saw a problem with the current styles panel. I think it’s excellent. So maybe there was feedback asking to change or was it WF just deciding it should be changed.

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You may find this thread interesting: New Style Panel Feedback

These are good questions, normally I like change, but I still don’t understand why these changes are happening. Legacy is better on this one guys

Statements like this are pretty subjective, but what you can do is tell exactly what you feel is wrong with redesign and if your reasoning is solid and people will support you, wf team will most likely listen. They already reverted the controversial drop-down for display properties for example.