Warning: Regarding Webflow Billing Policy

This is a billing warning to my fellow Webflow’ers.

Imagine you start a hosting plan because of sign up a client, etc. and something happens that you cancel your plan, website, etc. ( no matter when you cancel…)

What do you think happens?

Webflow does not automatically refund the prorated amount - that’s what.

Meaning you pay a fee to Webflow regardless, unless you tell them.

Over the years, I have stopped a more than a few websites or finished using a website just after billing. I discovered today the following,

"if you cancel hosting you will not be refunded the prorated amount. If you only used a few days of hosting you can email us at support@webflow.com, and we may be able to add a prorated credit to the account. "

Warning it is not automatically done.

Does this seem fair to you? Chime in…

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If this is really a major concern for you, why don’t you build your client’s site on webflow.io subdomain, and add the hosting when your client paid your invoice? Or just use client billing?

I personally don’t know any hosting providers who actually refund anything because you changed your mind.

Do you really cancel hosting plans so often that sending an email to get a refund is such a problem?

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It’s not a major concern. Webflow is outstanding. That said, I see this one thing as something to be minorly aware of.

As confusing as Webflow’s pricing structure and the dashboard is - mistakes happen. Or let’s say your client changes their mind.

If (I) or they cancel within a week of starting - I expect to get a prorated refund automatically. They bill me automatically; I sign up automatically, etc. It’s the irony that this one thing requires a manual e-mail.

Unless, it clearly states that there are no refunds after seven days, for examples.

Granted my list of charges from Webflow are long, with multiple websites and a hosting fee - being aware of costs is essential information.


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