Site plan cancellations and getting short changed

Can anyone else tell me if they have noticed the following when they cancel a Webflow monthly site plan. In the past, when I cancelled a monthly plan for a website, I was downgraded immediately, even though there might be another 2 weeks left on the plan. It has happened multiple times. I use many SaaS products, and I have never seen this approach to billing and cancellation before. It seems like the customers are getting short-changed.

Customers normally pay a month in advance. So, even if they cancel 2 days into a new month, the renewal should be cancelled immediately, but they should continue to get access for the period they have already paid for. It doesn’t make sense why Webflow does this.

It’s a bit frustrating because I like Webflow, and I would like to add and remove site hosting as I need without having to put alarms on my calendar. Thanks.


It’s happened to me before on both monthly and once on a yearly. Sucks. I agree that If I pay for a period of time I should get 100% of the use of it. Apparently you need to hash it out with support for a credit. An extra time wasting step. Webflow should resolve this IMHO but since it benefits the house…


Hi Jeff,

I did email support. I was shocked to be told that I need to submit it as an “idea” to their feedback site. You are right, as they are making money from it, they are unlikely to change it. But I suppose I may have been a bit naive to think that on things like this they would have more principles. The thing is I add and remove sites quite regularly.

The thing is wouldn’t have such a big problem with it had I come across some other saas/subscription based services who do the same thing. However, I have yet to come across any other company who does this. I am sure they are out there. I use a lot of sass products.

I would have expected something like this from Squarespace or Wix. But neither of these companies do this. In the long run it leaves loyal customers with a negative experience, which is never a good thing.

Anyway, thanks.