Want to add two more slides to a horizontal block-slider

I want to add to more classes blocks into my Classes Section.

Currently my animation still scrolls down after four blocks with a number of six class blocks. How can I change it to actually scroll down after six blocks?
I hope I explained the problem clearly. Hope someone can help

Hey @Dan001 and welcome to the community :wave:

Would you mind including your read-only link so we can take a closer peek? Screenshots are always appreciated but without digging into how the section is built it’s a bit difficult to give accurate instructions to solve the issue.

Hi Mike,
thank you but I can’t share the link this time.

Unfortunately without a read-only link, there isn’t an easy way to give steps to solve the issue as there are nearly infinite ways this could have been set up.

Are you able to copy the section in question to a new project, strip out any sensitive information, and include that link instead? This would give the community a way to give suggestions without sharing any work that’s under NDA.

Now I have the link for you:

Thanks for sending that along :pray:

It looks like you’ve got the majority of the changes made already (added the two extra blocks that you’d like to scroll through and made the width of the Class Content Wrapper element longer to accommodate) so all you need to do is increase the amount the Classes Scrollable element moves within the interaction:

Once you update that from -300VW to -500VW, your interaction should show the newly added blocks while scrolling through that horizontal section :+1:

Great Mike. That worked! :+1:
Many Tanks!