Quick question regarding scrolling animation

First I wanna give credit to the designer I cloned this animation from: [Cloneable] Scrolling App Features Showcase - Responsive - Webflow

I’ve implemented it on my site and want to add an extra “scrolling” screenshot which I have already done. My issue now is that I simply can’t figure out what makes the screenshots “scroll” in order to do the same for the last picture I just added.

Here is the project: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/gogoo-blog?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=gogoo-blog&preview=1355ec82e9a6ed0bd782ed53bb36547c&workflow=preview

Can anybody be of help?
Thank you

You have to add the new element(screenshot) having classes - “screen 4” to existing scroll interaction which is located under desktop section element, after clicking on this element you can then click on interactions tab or press H, Under which you will find interaction associated with this element.

if you are not sure about building or editing interactions you can go to webflow university , thay have videos about using interactions.

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Thank you very much for your helpful reply!

I’ve played around with the interaction and I am pretty close :smile: Although I am stuck with an error message that reads “You need two Move action on the screen element to animate it. They should also be on different keyframes.”